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Las Vegas Rabbit Crisis

As many of you may know we are currently working in cooperation with several other rescues to launch a massive rescue of bunnies that were carelessly dumped at a juvenile mental health facility in Las Vegas Nevada. Nearly 1,000 souls were discarded without a care at this site and although local rescues were trying to collect and rehome these buns, it was not fast enough for city officials. While exhaustive rescue efforts were underway, many of these rabbits were being poisoned in mass quantities by the city.

It was at this time that a nationwide rescue effort sprang into action to rescue the remaining 400 rabbits in as quickly and safely a manner as possible. We have had the tremendous pleasure of working with some of our nation’s best organizations to make this possible. The Bunderground railroad is an all-volunteer program that organizes and executes transport for rabbits in need of homes and rescue. These individuals are giving of their time and money to bring a total of 104 bunnies cross country to a variety of shelters, including our own, so they can find their forever homes. By the time the caravan holding our precious four bunnies arrives most of the rabbits will have gotten settled in at their respective shelters across the U.S.

We would love to make our leg of the journey a pleasant one for the drivers and volunteers involved in this monumental rescue effort, but we need help! We are looking for fundraising efforts to go toward overnight accommodations for both bunnies and humans, which would include food and lodging. The buns would be staying at the shelter with volunteers taking shifts allowing for exercise and feeding times for all buns. We would also like to make up a basket with snacks and gas cards for the volunteers giving so much of themselves to a cause that we all hold so dear to our hearts!

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