Byron gets a second chance!!!!

Byron was surrendered to BunnyPeople in May 2019.  He is a special needs rabbit.  About December of 2017, before coming to BunnyPeople, he got his rear leg caught in his cage and this led to the leg being amputated.  You can imagine how difficult it is to balance ones self on one good hind leg.  Its not easy!

Despite the leg issue, Byron has adapted.  D.H Lawrence said, “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself”.  That is true of Byron.  He scoots about by propelling himself like a crab.  He is surprisingly mobile.  Especially, twice a day when we chase him at medicine time.  In order to compensate for the missing hind leg, he always has the front leg pushed out to the side to prevent from rolling over.  Always having this leg out to the side has caused it to become malformed and remains permanently in this position.

Byron’s leg issue is over a year old and he doesn’t suffer any pain from it.  What brought Byron to us is a different medical issue.  He developed a tooth abscess.  A tooth abscess is a very serious condition in rabbits. By their nature, abscesses are infections.  Infections around the teeth don’t respond well to antibiotics and due to the discharge being so thick, it is difficult to drain.  Once a rabbit has a tooth abscess, the long term prognosis is challenging.  It can mean months of vet visits, several surgeries and injections.

Byron had his initial surgery on May 17, 2019.  The infection was larger than expected. The two lower incisors had to be removed. Since they were removed, the two upper had to also be removed as there was no resistance to them after the lower were removed.  Otherwise, Byron would have been biting his lower gums and this would have caused long term issues.  He will be able to chew by grinding his food with his side teeth.  This is normal for rabbits.

The surgeon placed a shunt through his cheek so we can flush antiseptic through the abscess.  Byron is none too pleased. We are giving him two weeks of oral pain killers and anti-biotics.  Imagine how hard it is to force oral medicines to a feisty rabbit with a very sore mouth!  This is performed by the husband and wife temporary foster parents.  The husband is the “bad cop” and the wife is the “good cop”. When the bad cop shows up in the room, Byron makes a bee line for shelter….Yes, a three legged rabbit sprinting as only he can all the while his two hoomans are chasing him.  It’s a site to behold.

As of June 1, 2019 we began penicillin injections every other day.  Penicillin is not normally used on rabbits as it kills the good bacteria in their digestive tract when given orally.  The bad cop had to learn how to give the injections under the skin without injecting into the muscle as this would cause death.  No pressure there.  Byron tolerates the injections much better that the oral meds.

Through all of this he continues to enjoy life.  It has not affected his appetite even though we now chop his food into smaller pieces.

Byron has a wonderful personality.  He and the good cop spend many an hour serenading each other.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  He is by far the most audible rabbit I have ever known.  The best way to describe the noises he makes would be that they sound like about half the volume of a dog whining.  But he does it when he is enjoying a good nose scratch or tummy rub.  He does it when he is sleeping.  It is so loud I hear it from the next room with the door closed. Amazing!

Well, if you have taken the time to read this, I imagine you love rabbits and animals as much as we do.  We periodically present a special needs rabbit on our web page and ask for donations to help with the cost of care. ANY amount is welcome.  Please click on the donate button.  It will take you to a paypal donation page.  You don’t need to have a paypal account.  You can opt to donate with a credit card.  Byron is grateful for a chance to recover. 

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Kymberly Myhre

Carolyn Ansel - "For Byron"

Beverly Gray - "Thanks for emailing me about Byron. I'm saddened to hear about his situation. Happier days ahead for him  :)  I currently have 3 buns and I'm planning on adopting a 4th from EARS to bond with one I got from them. I hope Bryon is recovering well. It warms my heart to know there are bunny rescues out there for the many bunnies that need them."

Lee Wisniski - "Thank you for the work you do!  I'm so thankful your organization was available to take in the abandoned, injured bunny I found last week!"

Sara Fasnacht - "Thank you for caring for Byron.  It warms my heart to see people giving buns the care they deserve.  Big hugs for Byron!"

Maureen Mailander - "Hope Byron feels better soon "

Stephanie Delaney

Julia Scavicchio- "It is amazing to see Byron in the best care possible.  Your team's unconditional love for rabbits deserves total funding.  Thank you all so much."

Margaret Lewen