Lizabella Finds Comfort at BunnyPeople Shelter

On Friday night (Dec 14, 2018)  BunnyPeople picked up a 5 to 8 yr old female bunny named Lizabella.  She is SUPER SWEET.  She got a piece of wood or some other debris punctured into her eye.  The vet said the eye needed removed or she had to be euthanized due to the pain and infection that started.  She also had very sharp points on her bottom molars pressing into her tongue on both sides. We chose surgery and when they started anesthesia, Lizabella stopped breathing.  They cut back anesthesia but she didnt respond right away as she should have so they did CPR and breathed for her for a while until she started breathing on her own.  They did not continue on with surgery since it was late at night. They tried again early Saturday afternoon and she did very well.  Her eye was removed and her molar points filed down.  She is doing well.  She is in foster care while she recuperates from her surgery.  

This surgery cost $1053 with our 20% discount.  If you are moved by her story, please help us make sure that we can continue to help by donating.  No amount is too small.

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We would like to thank the following for their generous donations to LizzaBella:

Total Donations To Date: $530

Jodi Groff

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Dec 24, 2018... LizzaBella is making great progress!! She is now off pain meds and seems very happy at the foster home.  She will get her sutures out on Wednesday.  Yay!!!

Dec 26, 2018... LizzaBella had her sutures removed.  Dr. Balmer says she couldnt ask for better progress.  Her foster parents will keep an eye on her for a few days to make sure there is no swelling or discharge.  Otherwise she will head to the shelter to join the populace to be potentially adopted.

Jan 2,2019... Before and after Photos


Jan 18, 2019 ... LizaBella demands to be photographed from her 'Good' side. smiley

Jan 25..LizaBella is tentatively adopted and may have found her forever home.