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A non-profit domestic rabbit rescue, adoption and education organization

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Volunteer Opportunities
We always welcome dependable volunteers.
Volunteer opportunities include :
Feeding all the rabbits hay, pellets, fresh veggies and changing their water
Cleaning the cages and shelter areas.
Brushing, nail clipping, and one-on-one playtime.
Driving buns to and/or from veteranarian appointments.
Showing rabbits and educating the public at in-store adoption events.
Work with the fundraising committee to plan, organize and carry out fundraising events.
Selling merchandise and educating the public at our fund-raising events. We hold several events yearly and can always use extra hands at the merchandise or adoption booths. Keep an eye on the website for updates.
Donating monies or goods to the buns. 
Lawn mowing at shelter
Helping at fund raising events
Rabbit experience and knowledge are helpful but NOT necessary. Thorough training is provided for all volunteer positions.
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